The Welcomers' Club of Northern Cincinnati

Please take a moment to explore our site and discover what WCNC has to offer you. We have assembled useful information about our club and the area we serve.

Welcomers is a social, non-profit organization dedicated to helping new residents develop friendships and assimilate into the community. The club has been providing a forum for residents in the Northern Cincinnati area to meet one another and make lasting friendships for over 25 years.

Charitable fundraising is an important function of the club, and at the end of each fiscal year, donations are made to many worthwhile organizations.

Every second Tuesday of the month we have our "WCNC Tuesday Event" meeting. The special guests are always interesting and informative.

pineappleThe Pineapple is the internationally recognized symbol of hospitality, often displayed on homes and businesses as a sign of welcome. It suggests friendliness, warmth, cheer, graciousness and conviviality.